We’re always happy to welcome two outstanding scholars to the Film Comment Podcast, and you’ve probably already read their criticism or heard them on a DVD or streaming commentary. David Bordwell last joined us to discuss his book Reinventing Hollywood, and of course his books are staples of film studies courses and his regular film blog with Kristin Thompson is a sharp and inquisitive resource. Critic Imogen Sara Smith is our other returning guest, a regular contributor to Film Comment and an all-star contributor at Criterion and elsewhere. Among her beautifully composed and observed essays, she’s written about Christian Petzold for us and on the podcast, reflected on the phenomenon of ghosts in cinema. Film Comment Editor-in-Chief Nicolas Rapold welcomed David and Imogen back for a discussion that ranges from fascinating rediscoveries in Japanese cinema (including the films of Hiroshi Shimizu and Keisuke Kinoshita)  to the inflammatory film The Hunt. Also discussed: Petzold’s Phoenix, The Invisible Man (2020), Douglas Sirk’s All I Desire, Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow, and this week’s Instagram-stream interview with Jean-Luc Godard.

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