Every month, Film Comment highlights some new (and old) films that we feel deserve a little extra attention.

Little Women (Greta Gerwig, 2019) by Devika Girish

“It’s an adaptation so rich, so attentive to its source, and yet so thrillingly personal, that the combination of maker and material feels like an alignment of stars. ”


Beanpole (Kantemir Balagov, 2019) by Ela Bittencourt

Beanpole is a war film in the deepest sense since it depicts the devastation wrought by conflict, without a single battle scene.”


The Week Of (Robert Smigel, 2018) by Nellie Killian

“It’s a gaspingly funny, disarmingly sweet ensemble comedy that includes a Greek chorus of hard-of-hearing aunties, an extended storyline about stolen valor, and a reverse heist that involves getting a large number of live bats into City Hall. ”


A Hidden Life (Terrence Malick, 2019) by Sheila O’Malley

“Malick’s poetic and passionate exploration of Franz’s resistance provides insights into our ethical and moral obligations as citizens.”


Richard Jewell (Clint Eastwood, 2019) by Michael Sragow

“The cohesive interplay between Jewell and his team suggests the strength of Eastwood’s casual approach with actors: when performers grab ahold of their characters, he gets out of their way.”