As David Thomson succinctly puts it in our July/August issue, “Wanda is the kind of person who didn’t and still doesn’t get into American movies (unless she’s got a few dollars for a ticket).” Based on a newspaper story about a woman convicted of robbery who thanked the judge for sentencing her to 20 years in jail, Wanda is an unapologetic look at life in and beyond America’s coal country, starring the film’s director and writer, Barbara Loden. Still relatively hard to see, the 1970 film has experienced a(nother) recent critical resurgence thanks in part to Nathalie Léger’s book about the film, which charts the author’s quest to discover more about Loden’s life, and the soul-searching that ensues. In this episode, Film Comment Digital Producer Violet Lucca is joined by Shonni Enelow, author of Method Acting and Its Discontents, and regular FC contributors Nick Pinkerton and Margaret Barton-Fumo.