Ideology and aesthetics have somehow come to be positioned opposite one another—in film criticism, should one be privileged over the other? This episode of The Film Comment Podcast discusses how race, ethnicity, and other markers of identity factor into film criticism and cinema generally. FC Digital Editor Violet Lucca unpacks the topic with Amy Taubin, Contributing Editor to FC and Artforum, and Ashley Clark, FC contributor and programmer, in a conversation that spans multiple decades of film history—from Taxi Driver to OJ: Made in America to Notting Hill to I Am Not Your Negro, to the canceled Michael Jackson episode of Urban Myths starring Joseph Fiennes.

Films discussed: Moonlight, La La Land, I Am Not Your Negro, Boyhood, Manchester By the Sea, Taxi Driver, O.J.: Made in America, The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story, 13th, Toni Erdmann, Eastern Promises, Keanu