The Wonders

1. The Wonders
Alice Rohrwacher, Italy

Hill of Freedom

2. Hill of Freedom
Hong Sang-soo, South Korea

Pasolini Abel Ferrara

3. Pasolini
Abel Ferrara, U.S.

The Iron Ministry

4. The Iron Ministry
J.P. Sniadecki, U.S.

From What is Before

5. From What Is Before
Lav Diaz, Philippines

Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait Ossama Mohammed & Wiam Bedirxan

6. Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait
Ossama Mohammed & Wiam Bedirxan, Syria/France

Approaching the Elephant

7. Approaching the Elephant*
Amanda Wilder, U.S.

Kindergarten Teacher Nadav Lapid

8. The Kindergarten Teacher
Nadav Lapid, Israel

Stray Dog Debra Granik

9. Stray Dog
Debra Granik, U.S.

Socialism Von Bagh

10. Socialism
Peter von Bagh, Finland

The Harvest John McNaughton

11. The Harvest
John McNaughton, U.S.


Journey to the West

12. Journey to the West
Tsai Ming-liang, Taiwan

Young Bodies Heal Quickly

13. Young Bodies Heal Quickly
Andrew T. Betzer, U.S.

We Come as Friends

14. We Come as Friends
Hubert Sauper, Austria


Japanese Dog

15. The Japanese Dog
Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, Romania

History of Fear

16. History of Fear
Benjamín Naishtat, Argentina

For the Plasma

17. For the Plasma
Bingham Bryant & Kyle Molzan, U.S.

August Winds

18. August Winds
Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil

A Girl at My Door

19. A Girl at My Door
July Jung, South Korea

Fort Buchanan

20. Fort Buchanan
Benjamin Crotty, France

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