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Best Films of 2018

The results are in for our 2018 poll of Film Comment's contributors and editors! Our top 20 list includes excerpts from our features, reviews, and interviews about these films from across the year, as well as links to other work about the films and directors. On this page, you'll find our list of the best films that were theatrically released in the United States and listen to our podcast discussion here. Don’t see your favorite? Move on to the Best Undistributed Films of 2018 list.

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Peruse the poll results of yesteryear.

Readers’ Poll 2018:
Keep reading Film Comment for announcements about our upcoming readers' poll, where we showcase you, the readers. In the meantime... go out there and watch some movies!

Special thanks to Naomi Keenan O’Shea for her invaluable assistance.