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Rep Diary: Chandler, Hammett, Woolrich & Cain

By Graham Fuller on Dec 18, 2014

Deviant psychology: getting inside the minds of the private detectives and femme fatales in Film Forum's author-based series

Festivals: Savannah

By Eric Hynes on Dec 18, 2014

Context clues: the 17th edition of the university-based Georgia fest brings in notable titles and guests but does it hold together?

Deep Focus: The Hobbit: The Battle of the 5 Armies

By Michael Sragow on Dec 17, 2014

Peter Jackson's 10-year quest to adapt Tolkein's Middle Earth books concludes with lyrical grandeur

Interview: Matt Reeves

By Michael Sragow on Dec 17, 2014

Evolution meets revolution: a look back at Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with its human director


Best Films of 2014

By Film Comment on Dec 12, 2014

The kid's a winner: the year's best (released) films, as ranked by over 100 critics

Best Unreleased Films of 2014

By Film Comment on Dec 12, 2014

The wonders never cease: 20 of the year's best unreleased films, as ranked by over 100 critics

Interview: Park Jung-bum

By Julian Ross on Dec 12, 2014

Working-class hero: the director of Alive and The Journals of Musan talks about the survival instincts necessary for modern capitalism

Interview: Mike Binder

By Steven Mears on Dec 12, 2014

Does Black or White confirm Kevin Costner's embrace of character actordom? A talk with the director of this timely race drama

Deep Focus: Top Five

By Michael Sragow on Dec 10, 2014

Maximum charisma: Chris Rock's meditation on black celebrity confirms the virtuoso comic's strength as a filmmaker

Festivals: Migrating Forms

By R. Emmet Sweeney on Dec 10, 2014

Hands across the media: BAM's showcase of avant-garde filmmaking and video art samples from and recontextualizes our multimedia morass

Interview: Sergei Loznitsa

By Nicolas Rapold on Dec 9, 2014

The eyes of the world: the director of Maidan documents the popular protests in Kiev

Interview: Serge Bozon

By Nicholas Elliott on Dec 9, 2014

Weird on top: the director of the turbulent Tip Top identifies the darkness at the heart of the slapstick

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The sublime, intensely stylized “total cinema” of Werner Schroeter, the flamboyant dandy who was the New German cinema’s best-kept secret

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