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Interview: Laura Poitras

By Nicolas Rapold on Oct 22, 2014

Advanced interrogation techniques: the director of Citizenfour lifts the curtain on the ultimate political thriller

Interview: Ruben Östlund

By Violet Lucca on Oct 21, 2014

Psych 101: the director of Force Majeure describes his love for YouTube and philosophical debate

Film of the Week: Force Majeure

By Jonathan Romney on Oct 17, 2014

Of mice and men: Ruben Östlund continues his exploration of our most basic instincts

Bombast: Fan Club

By Nick Pinkerton on Oct 17, 2014

Show 'em some love: when counterculture met the mainstream, and other horrors of fandom


Notebook: From What is Before

By Michael Guarneri on Oct 17, 2014

Collective memory: Lav Diaz's latest film might be the best entry point into his oeuvre

Kaiju Shakedown: Kim Ki-young

By Grady Hendrix on Oct 16, 2014

The hallucinatory delights and low-budget invention of A Woman After a Killer Butterfly, from the director of The Housemaid

Review: Fury

By David Fear on Oct 16, 2014

David Ayer's revival of Greatest Generation tropes shows that hell isn't other people

Interview: Mathieu Amalric

By David Gregory Lawson on Oct 13, 2014

The star and director of The Blue Room describes the conscious and unconscious processes of adaptation

Interview: Alice Rohrwacher

By Violet Lucca on Oct 10, 2014

The director of The Wonders and Corpo Celeste debunks W.C. Fields' maxim about working with animals and children

Bombast: Gone Finching

By Nick Pinkerton on Oct 10, 2014

Not an open-and-shut case: a forensics report on Gone Girl and its place in David Fincher's oeuvre

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