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Deep Focus: Queen & Country

By Michael Sragow on Feb 19, 2015

John Boorman's follow-up to Hope and Glory is the best and brightest of service comedies

Interview: Joe Dante (Part Two)

By Michael Sragow on Feb 18, 2015

Continuation of the id: a discussion of the (literal) scene-chewing on display in Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Interview: Joe Dante (Part One)

By Michael Sragow on Feb 17, 2015

From Reagan to Disney: part one of an extended interview with the director of Gremlins—screening in its rare preview cut in Film Comment Selects

Film Comment Selects: Sneak Preview

By Jackson Arn on Feb 17, 2015

Our annual series starts this Friday at the Film Society of Lincoln Center! How about a handy guide to a tantalizing selection from the international, eclectic lineup?

Bombast: Lizabeth Scott

By Nick Pinkerton on Feb 13, 2015

The fall of man: the noir star of Pitfall and Too Late for Tears who was more than a pretty face or femme fatale

Interview: Sandra Adair

By Violet Lucca on Feb 13, 2015

The time of their lives: the editor of Boyhood and longtime collaborator with Richard Linklater discusses the finer points of establishing rhythm and when to let things be

Film of the Week: ’71

By Jonathan Romney on Feb 12, 2015

Troubling: Yann Demange's bleak Northern Ireland tale of fight or flight is buoyed by its quasi-documentary approach

Interview: Dan Gilroy

By Michael Sragow on Feb 10, 2015

Killer ratings: the writer-director of Nightcrawler talks about creating a tabloid-newsman character driven by animal instinct and utterly focused on the bottom line

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